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Since 2011, Ag for Life has been a leading voice in the promotion of agriculture, food and rural youth safety education in Alberta. Through partnerships and collaboration, we develop, expand and offer high quality educational programming to teachers, students and their families.

Bringing Agriculture to Life (Ag for Life)

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Fresh Thinking

At Ag for Life, we envision a province where all Albertans understand the importance of the agriculture industry and the significant impact it has on our lives. Through the development and delivery of education programs such as Feed Your Future, we are engaging youth across the province in meaningful conversations around agriculture and food production, as well as the many career opportunities they offer the next generation of leaders. 

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Brown Testimonials Instagram Post.png
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To date we have delivered over half a million agriculture education lessons in communities across the province.

Our delivery platforms include: 

  • In the classroom

  • In the kitchen

  • In the garden

  • At farm, ranch, business and community locations

  • At events, fairs and festivals

  • Webinars

  • Workshops

  • Digital

  • Print

  • Public speaking

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AITC-AB is a proud member of AITC-Canada.

Along with 9 other provincial teams we are delivering educational programs and resources that engage, empower and inspire students to care about food and the people who produce it.

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